The Best in Cloud-Based Systems

Cloud-based systems give your business IT network infinite flexibility. Microsoft Azure cloud computing provides this flexibility along with the top name in the industry. With its inexpensive and easy setup and ability to be accessed from anywhere, Microsoft Azure is a good choice for small businesses and those with mostly mobile workforces.

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Why Choose James Moore’s Office 365 Migration Solutions

Whether you want to migrate to Microsoft Azure or you’re already there, our team can help you make it a success. We can identify workloads to add to the system, help build out your solution, aid in capacity planning, and even show you the role it can play in disaster planning and business continuity.


Since it’s a Microsoft platform, any software compatible with Windows Server 2016 or newer can automatically run on Microsoft Azure.

Established Support

Microsoft Azure uses traditional brand support tools and techniques that technicians already know. And with James Moore Technology Services implementing it, you have Microsoft Certified professionals at the ready.

Easy Integration

Microsoft Azure easily integrates with on-premises networks for seamless transition. This also helps if you’re taking a hybrid approach to your network with both cloud-based and server-based systems.

A Scalable Solution

With Microsoft Azure, you can move only what you need to the cloud. You can also add or remove services or users as your organization’s needs and size change.

Disaster Recovery Help

A cloud-based system helps keep your data away from servers that can be affected by storms, burglary, cyberattack and more—making Microsoft Azure a key part of your disaster recovery plan.

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