Cloud Solutions for Sky-High Success

Today’s cloud technology allows organizations of all sizes to leverage enterprise-class business solutions without incurring the high costs of hardware, software and in-house expertise. Through remote servers and software that offers centralized data storage and online access to services and resources, cloud solutions maximize the effectiveness of shared resources across your organization.

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Why Choose James Moore’s Cloud Solutions Services

Cloud-based systems provide convenience for business leaders and mobile workforces, while reducing the need for high-dollar IT staff within your business and significantly improving disaster recovery times.

Flexible Approach

Whether you’re ready to take your business to a fully cloud-based environment or prefer a hybrid approach that keeps certain resources in your facility, James Moore’s Technology Services team delivers the high-quality services and support you need to help you reap the benefits of the latest cloud technology. Our experts guide you in the planning process to determine which resources are best accessed from the cloud. We then establish a secure cloud environment, ensure a smooth migration and set up access for team members that need a particular resource.

Lower IT Costs

Cloud users save money on hardware, software licenses and upgrades, since these elements are all included within your cloud solution. You’ll also cut costs by eliminating the electricity demands of powering and cooling server rooms.

Enhanced Security and Continuity

Cloud solutions provide business continuity that keeps you up and running following a natural disaster or other incident, when on-site systems cannot. Layers of security keep data safely out of the wrong hands and reduce risks that come from older software, misplaced data storage components or unmonitored systems.

Fast, Easy Access

Cloud solutions let you say goodbye to the time commitment and expense of setting up systems, installing updates, maintaining equipment and upgrading hardware. Once you’re set up in the cloud, you can securely access key data and applications anywhere you have an internet connection and a web-enabled device.


As your business grows and your needs increase, you can quickly and easily add resources to expand your cloud capacity without buying costly hardware or having to change systems entirely. And you can do it quickly, on the fly as needed.

Exceptional Customer Service

From inception to implementation, you can expect the highest level of service and support by knowledgeable, friendly professionals who are committed to your success. We schedule regular, face-to-face meetings and conduct drop-in visits to provide extra monitoring of your systems. As a Microsoft Gold Partner (a distinction earned by only 10% of Microsoft partners), we go beyond the basics to ensure that not only do you have efficient, secure cloud solutions in place and performing well, but that you know how to use them to their full potential.

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