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Your computer network is the nerve center of your organization. Whether it powers billing, a client database, scheduling or a sales website, it’s difficult if not impossible for your business to run efficiently without it. Our data protection services leverage proven data backup strategies and leading edge business continuity solutions to keep your organization up and running with minimal disruption in the event of a ransomware attack, natural disaster, hardware failure, human error, or any other threat to your network.

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Why Choose James Moore’s Data Protection Services

If disaster strikes your computer network, what happens to your business? Would you know who to call, what steps to take, or even whether your backups are current and usable? Choosing the right data protection provider can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major disaster for your business.

Less Network Downtime

The average business experiences 14 hours of unplanned system downtime per year. When every minute means lost productivity and missed revenue, you can’t afford to take chances. James Moore’s Technology Services team provides active management and monitoring of your data protection systems, which means we detect and prevent problems before they occur. As a result, your computer network is running smoothly and so is your business.

Cutting Edge Data Protection

You’ll enjoy the benefits of the latest in security products and strategies as well as our team of highly trained data protection professionals.

Proactive Support

Our approach to data protection is more robust than our competitors giving our clients the assurance that their data is safe. In addition to backing up your data, our technicians check the status of your backups on a daily basis to ensure that your data is fully restorable.

Faster Restores

Backing up your data frequently is the first step in protecting your network’s integrity, but having protocols in place to effectively and efficiently restore full operational capacity is just as important. Our data protection team performs regular test restores on your data to make sure your backups are fully functional. You’ll also get monthly restore status reports, giving you peace of mind that your environment can be restored quickly and completely after an incident.

Exceptional Customer Service

IT experts aren’t generally known for their “people skills,” but our clients actually enjoy working with us! An exceptionally high employee retention rate means you’ll build strong relationships with our technicians as they deliver proactive, customized support to help you improve processes and prevent potential problems. If you ever do encounter an issue – or simply have a question – we’re only a phone call away.

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