Not Your Everyday IT Company

We’re James Moore’s Technology Solutions Consultants, and we’re here to challenge everything you know about IT service providers. Helping businesses, nonprofits and governments solve problems and find new ways to gain value from technology is a passion for us, not a chore (we’re weird that way).

How did we get started?

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in our case it’s true. When James Moore sought a skilled, experienced IT resource to help the firm optimize business technology in the digital era, we found none…so we built our own. Turns out we weren’t the only folks who needed that kind of help, either. Before long, our IT division had grown into a full-service technology provider staffed by top IT talent, serving clients across Florida and Georgia.

Why choose James Moore?

These days there are plenty of IT companies, so what makes us stand apart? For starters, our team has earned an impressive array of industry certifications – more than most other IT firms of our size in our markets. 

But the difference goes beyond exceptional technical expertise. It’s about our people. We’re not just technology professionals; we’re friendly, well-adjusted technology professionals who love what we do and stay with the firm long term, so we can get to know you and fully meet your evolving needs. As a part of James Moore, we bring a business owner mindset that keeps us focused on value, along with a core commitment to providing you with outstanding service.

You’ll see that in little things, like the way we always pick up the phone, build strong personal relationships and truly enjoy finding the answers that make your life easier. You’ll also notice it in bigger things, like the extra time we spend on site making sure everything works just as you expect. Investing the resources up front to identify solutions that fit your needs perfectly means we get it right the first time. If you ever have a problem, we’re right there to help – even during a hurricane (really!). And if we can’t achieve the results you need on the spot, we work directly with hardware and software vendors who can.

Don’t just take our word for it!

In an independent study contracted by Microsoft, our clients consistently rated us above average – nearly 100% for all metrics, including satisfaction, quality, and competency – and indicated they would absolutely recommend our services to others. With more one-on-one meetings, more on-location work, more time spent planning for your needs and a more proactive, personable approach, it’s no wonder our clients are happier!

Whether we’re anticipating and preventing potential problems or offering you advice that benefits your business (rather than ours), you can count on us for the technology solutions that help your organization thrive. We like to think of it as a holistic approach to improving business through technology. You’ll probably see it as a better way to solve IT.


While our expertise speaks for itself,
it's our commitment to client service that sets us apart.

But don't just take our word for it...

100% of our clients surveyed are satisfied with our services. They're also likely to recommend James Moore Technology Solutions Consultants.

This is according to our Net Promoter Score (NPS) - a leading indicator of customer experience and business growth recognized around the world. A score of 100 is a pretty big number as it is; when it comes to a company's NPS, it's world class. And given the industry average of 38, we'd say that puts us in pretty good (and rare!) company.

What else did they say?

The survey also revealed that our clients feel we are responsive, respectful, technically excellent, and diligent. The consider us trusted partners and solution providers, and they value their relationship with our team.

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Happy Employees = Better Service

Why does our employee retention rate matter to your business? It’s a bigger deal than you might think. The fact that our employees are with us long term means that they’re serving you long term, too. You benefit from established relationships that make it easier to communicate, easier to prevent problems and easier to anticipate your future needs. Employees continue learning cutting-edge IT strategies and adding new industry certifications, which lets them deliver even more value to your organization.

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Client retention in the past
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