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The demands of selecting, purchasing, operating and maintaining today’s business technologies can make it difficult to focus on your organization’s primary objectives. Managed IT Services makes it possible for businesses, nonprofits and governments to outsource some or all of their day-to-day IT operations to specialists equipped to handle technology needs in the digital age.

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Why Choose James Moore’s Managed IT Services

If you’re concerned about chronic technology problems, unpredictable costs or the potential for technological stagnation, consider Managed IT services from James Moore’s Technology Services.

Variable IT Costs

With managed IT services, each service package is specialized to your needs. Your needs and overall expense fluctuate based on the use of IT resources, such as cloud services, software licenses, and data storage. These costs can vary from month to month depending on the level of service utilization, making them more flexible compared to fixed IT expenditures.

Peace of Mind

Managed IT services shifts the burden of meeting your ever-evolving IT needs from your business to James Moore’s dedicated technology professionals, allowing you to focus your efforts on your business. From business technology planning and identifying the best cloud solutions to event monitoring, threat management and disaster recovery, meeting your company’s wide-ranging IT needs is a complex undertaking that comes with significant risk. James Moore brings experience gained from a wide variety of environments enabling us to offer you the level of Managed IT services you deserve.

24x7x365 Monitoring

In a competitive environment, can you afford to devote the resources necessary to manage IT internally? For most small- to mid-sized organizations, the answer is no. Our 24x7x365 critical event monitoring gives your organization constant coverage to ensure optimal system performance at all times.

Proactive Support

In addition to high-level certifications (something you won’t find with most providers), you’ll also appreciate our commitment to building close client relationships through regular, face-to-face meetings, not just email support. Periodic unscheduled visits complement scheduled on-site visits to complete your projects and maintenance on time, every time. Our team approach means there’s always an expert ready to serve your needs, with proactive support and innovative solutions that help your business thrive.

Innovative Technology

The need to retain your competitive edge with innovative technology solutions requires expertise that many organizations simply cannot afford to provide in-house. Our highly trained and experienced technicians deliver the solutions you need coupled with exceptional client service. This sets us apart in the industry and ensures a positive experience for your organization.

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