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Telecommuting Cybersecurity: Protect Your Network from Threats

With large masses of people transitioning to work-at-home arrangements, some employers are scrambling to establish remote IT setups. Unfortunately, this often results in rushed arrangements that neglect important security protocols. Nobody knows this better than cybercriminals—and they’re poised to take advantage of this reduced protection of your network. Why does this happen? Home networks and…


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5 critical facts every business owner must know before moving to the cloud

Find out whether cloud computing is right for you—and if it is, get the answers on the type that’s best for you and how to plan for the switch.


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Customer Loyalty Trade Up Program

Current WatchGuard customers can earn up to 25% off the purchase of the latest Firebox or XTM technology. The WatchGuard Trade Up Program allows you to replace your aging products with the best WatchGuard has to offer, keeping you a step ahead of the evolving threats that endanger your business.