Cloud Computing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Cloud computing with a row of 5 server stacks.

Cloud computing has great advantages, but its vulnerabilities can affect even the biggest tech names. When a network of internet of things (IoT) gadgets like routers, DVR machines and closed-circuit TVs can take down hardened, well-provisioned internet giants like Twitter, Spotify and Amazon—as happened October 2016—you’ve got to think twice before moving your data to…

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Protect Your Tech! Start Your Disaster Preparation Now

hurricane planning for your tech

Many businesses were impacted by the hurricanes of recent years. Those that ultimately recovered had one thing in common—they were prepared ahead of time. While we can’t prevent or anticipate all disasters or threats to our businesses, preparation plays a huge role in emerging from of such a situationintact. There are several aspects of your…

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4 Must-Have, Low-Risk Cloud Solutions

An individual working on a tablet with a virtual cloud importing data.

Let’s face it—your business has more competition than ever. And they’ll eat you alive if you fall behind in today’s technology arms race. Maybe your network needs greater security. Or you haven’t yet taken advantage of new cloud-based apps that help your team get more done in less time. Today, the action is in the…

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You’re Ready for Irma… But What About Your IT Network?

man in grey suit facing white hologram chart

You’re ready for Hurricane Irma… but how about your business technology? It’s not too late to protect your computers and data from the impending storm. Here are some quick steps you should take NOW to minimize possible downtime due to storm damage. Check your data backup system to make sure it’s working. Do a test…

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Demand the Best from Your Remote Backup Service

blue backup key on computer keyboard

Congratulations – you’ve made the wise choice of backing your data up to a secure off-site facility! But how do you choose the right firm to perform this very important function? If your data is important enough to back it up to a secure off-site facility, you shouldn’t trust that job to just anyone. Here…

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Will Your Backups Be There When You Need Them?

woman holding tablet with icons coming out of it

When the livelihood of your organization depends on data stored in your computer network, you simply cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Data preservation and the ability to retrieve it at any point in time is the foundation of business continuity. Yet the facts about backup failures are shocking: According to the Boston Computing…

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