You’re Ready for Irma… But What About Your IT Network?

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You’re ready for Hurricane Irma… but how about your business technology? It’s not too late to protect your computers and data from the impending storm. Here are some quick steps you should take NOW to minimize possible downtime due to storm damage. Check your data backup system to make sure it’s working. Do a test…

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Ransomware: Education is Your Best Defense

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You sit down at your desk, log on to your computer… and are greeted with a brazen message: YOUR COMPUTER AND FILES ARE ENCRYPTED. YOU HAVE 96 HOURS TO SUBMIT PAYMENT OR YOUR FILES WILL BE DESTROYED. You’ve been working on a project for two days. But when you frantically search for your files, they’re…

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BrickerBot: Putting Security and Convenience at Risk

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Technology makes it easier than ever to monitor your business when you’re not around. You can view live video feeds from surveillance cameras, set your building’s internal temperature, even turn off the lights when the closing crew forgets. It also makes your business more vulnerable to a web-based attack. And the newest threat targeting that…

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Demand the Best from Your Remote Backup Service

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Congratulations – you’ve made the wise choice of backing your data up to a secure off-site facility! But how do you choose the right firm to perform this very important function? If your data is important enough to back it up to a secure off-site facility, you shouldn’t trust that job to just anyone. Here…

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The Yahoo Data Breach: Are You At Risk?

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It has recently been discovered that the Yahoo network was compromised back in 2014, resulting in the breach of over 500 million user accounts. If you have a have a Yahoo account, you should consider yourself at risk and take action immediately. The first concern is the ability of the thieves to use Yahoo passwords…

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Facebook Privacy Considerations

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Facebook’s algorithms to suggest friendships often bring to light convoluted yet amusing coincidences. You might see an acquaintance from high school reach out to a colleague at your workplace, or perhaps a long-lost love knows a fellow daycare parent. But these algorithms can also have a troubling side if your profession requires client confidentiality, as…

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Will Your Backups Be There When You Need Them?

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When the livelihood of your organization depends on data stored in your computer network, you simply cannot afford to leave anything to chance. Data preservation and the ability to retrieve it at any point in time is the foundation of business continuity. Yet the facts about backup failures are shocking: According to the Boston Computing…

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Web Content Filtering, Your Luckiest Move of the Year

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Do your employees bring their own smartphones, tablets or laptops to work? If your company is like most these days, they do. And that raises a whole new security risk to your computer network. One of the best strategies your company can employ to defend against this emerging threat is what’s known as “web content…

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Technology Quick Fixes to Help Improve Your Business’ Productivity

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Thank you for joining me for the second part of our technology business planning series.  Last month we focused on the user experience and how planning to upgrade those components increases user productivity, lowers costs, and supports a healthy and happy workplace environment. Read the previous article, “5 Simple Technology Solutions to Help Ensure Your Workplace…

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