Remote Control: Cyber Threats to Working From Home During COVID-19

hacker in the shadows behind computer code

More people than ever are currently working remotely because of COVID-19. While such arrangements have been on the rise the past few years, the pandemic has spurred a mass migration home in a short amount of time. And unfortunately, the abruptness of the situation has created major cybersecurity concerns. Despite available technologies, many businesses aren’t…

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Telecommuting Cybersecurity: Protect Your Network from Threats

man working on laptop on park bench with lock icons on screen

With large masses of people transitioning to work-at-home arrangements, some employers are scrambling to establish remote IT setups. Unfortunately, this often results in rushed arrangements that neglect important security protocols. Nobody knows this better than cybercriminals—and they’re poised to take advantage of this reduced protection of your network. Why does this happen? Home networks and…

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Content Filtering: Why Appearances Can Be Deceiving

hand grabbing at floating symbols of online content

It’s another Monday, and you look over your office of busy employees hard at work on their computers. While it might seem like a productive scene, however, appearances can be deceiving. Content filtering—the use of software to screen or exclude access to certain websites or emails—could uncover some surprises: Angela from sales is searching for…

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3 IT Investments You Should Never Skimp On

IT investments

There’s a disturbing trend underlying the business world’s increased reliance on technology. It’s true that the internet age has empowered companies of all sizes to do incredible things and that technology is forever transforming the way we do business. However, today’s savvy businesses are intertwined to an unprecedented extent with the technology they use. There’s…

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Don’t Take a Pass on Secure Password Guidelines

password guidelines

Today almost everything you do—and almost all information about you—is on a computer or a website connected to the internet. And nearly all businesses, from your doctor’s office to your mechanic, rely on computers and digital information to serve you and their other clients. So protecting this sensitive information with solid password guidelines should be…

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Reviving a Network Ravaged by Ransomware: A Case Study

With ransomware on the rise, it’s critical to have an experienced, knowledgeable provider that keeps up with the latest on this ever-increasing threat. Check out this recent case study to see how James Moore’s Technology Solutions Consulting Team is in your corner in the fight against ransomware. A large company was hit with a severe…

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Five Ways to Mitigate Ransomware Damage

ransomware damage

Lost files, denied access, ransom payments in the $100,000 range or higher… With the impact that hackers can have on your network and your business, we have always stressed the importance of a solid ransomware protection plan. By anticipating these attacks, you can prevent serious damage to your company’s financial picture and trustworthy reputation. However,…

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Leverage Your Technology Budget Surplus

technology budget

As the end of the fiscal year approaches for many businesses and organizations, managers often comb through their budgets in search of unused funds. Your technology budget should no exception. Electronic equipment and IT network needs can easily be neglected until something forces you to spend money on them—for example, waiting until a computer fails…

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