Should Your Business Accept Bitcoin Payments?

A customer is purchasing a cup of coffee with bitcoin using their sell phone. The cell phone is shown pointing toward the vendor and has the bitcoion logo on the phone screen.

The payments ecosystem is complicated enough as it is. Throw in the growing prevalence of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and you can’t fault business owners for feeling anxious. Nevertheless, businesses are considering getting into the Cryptocurrency payment ecosystem. Wider adoption of cryptocurrency and a growing number of Bitcoin payment gateways make accepting payments far easier,…

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Can Hackers Get Through Your Customer Service Chatbots?

A person is holding a mobile phone, but only the phone and the person's hands are visible in the image. There is a chatbot shown on the phone screen. The background is blurred and shows a table, chairs, and a cup of coffee.

Chatbots are some of the best AI-infused applications businesses can utilize. Depending on the size of your operation, you could save tens of thousands of dollars per year in customer service expenses by leveraging this emerging technology. However, you should understand the multiple security risks associated with this technology before connecting chatbots to your digital…

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